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“We tame the 'Wild Wild Web' for you!”

Web Development


Wild Web Deal $500. Websites!

Yeah boy, you read that right! You can get a...

Get Found Locally With Google+Local

Google has allowed businesses the great...

Our Work

WEcustomize and build your online presence so...

What is WordPress?

WORDPRESSis one of the most popular content...

What We Do

WE build websites based on the popular and powerful WordPress content management system. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars to get what you get in WordPress but since WordPress is licensed GNU-meaning it’s free for public use, we take a great product and make it better by customizing it for you.

The possibilities are endless which is so exciting for you. Tell us what you want and consider it DONE!

  • You want cutting edge technology—Done!
  • You want a website that can grow with your business—Done !
  • You want a website that the search engines LOVE—Done!

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We customize and build your online presence so your visitor can get to know you not just see you! The basic’s of building a relationship with your visitor is for them to “Know, Like and Trust” you. Your website is usually the first line of contact with them that allows them to do all three. TELL ME MORE! >>

Our $500 website is part of the Web Tamer program. You can start with the initial $500 investment and add as you grow. The Web Tamer $500 website is built on WordPress so it is scale-able, powerful and comes SEO Optimized. LET’S GET STARTED! >>
Social Media is here to stay! Just think of networking on steroids. The Web Tamer will set your social media up and show you how to use it. It seems a little intimidating at first but once you start you actually enjoy connecting with your audience. COME ON…MEET YOUR NEW FRIENDS! >>
Print Media – What’s a business without Business Cards, Brochures, Letterhead and Envelopes? Not very visible I’d say! You have made the investment your business. You have established your online presence and your business is set to grow by leaps and bounds. SEE WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU! >>
Do the words “video” and “you” make you queasy? No fear, we create beautiful video out of your presentation materials. Video is HOT right now and shows no sign of slowing down as one of the best tools to help your site visitor get to know you and help move you up in the search engine ranking race. TELL ME MORE! >>
Get found locally! There is a huge paradigm shift in the way the search engines deliver results from a search query. The best thing about this shift in returning query results is that each major search engine has practically given each business a free mini website! LET’S GET GOING! >>

The Web Tamer only hosts WordPress websites. That’s all we do. There is an art to hosting WordPress to optimize the power that is WordPress! GET STARTED TODAY! >>
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